STILL LIVING LIFE WITH GUSTO, but taking a 'PAUSE' from GRANOLA production as of May 2023

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A story of tweaking and perfecting

Like all the best things, Gustola Granola was created in a mom's oven with the goal of bringing joy to her family... Oh, and creating a kickass post-run snack!

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Four flavors, four experiences

A premium granola brings premium joy! Each bag is packed with ingredients that will make your body groove and your taste buds sing!

Our flavors

What makes our granola special?

All it takes is one bite to realize that this is not your average granola. High-quality ingredients and an unwavering determination to deliver homemade taste in every bag of granola is what we're all about!

Step One

The base

Organic oats, whole nuts, a smidge of brown sugar, and a dash of salt for true granola jazz.

Step Two

The magic

Maple syrup, olive oil, and egg whites for natural sweetness, deep flavor, and irresistible crunch!

Step Three

The love

Handcrafted by real people, with a passion for quality.    A difference you can taste!

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